Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Laid Off Living.....

This is the second time in 2008 I have found myself at the mercy of corporate financial difficulties. In April, I was laid off from General Motors. Nothing new here, as I live in the Metro Detroit area. Working for GM is always a roll of the dice.

I was so blessed to find a job close to home - working at a medical equipment repair facility. These were good people, and I was so looking forward to growing with the business! Unfortunately, I was laid off again....last week.

Here I am, back to being the proverbial "starving artist." There's a certain comfort in knowing you aren't alone in lay-off land. Then, too, there's that silent prayer for those who are worse off. Will I get unemployment? I don't know yet. Can I send out twenty resumes a day? Sure! So can everyone else.

I chase the blue away through painting. The weather is getting colder, but I don't let it bother me. I paint outdoors, or set up a still life inside if it's raining. The oils get a bit pudgy when the temperature drops. Watercolors freeze up at about 20 degrees, so I might switch to using moonshine instead of water to mix the colors. Nothing like a little Everclear to attract those pesky alcholics! It's like a love potion!

It's mostly oils right now. It's all plein air - out in the open. A breath of fresh air. Living life out in the open - far away from layoffs and worries. It's a kind of meditation and heals the wounded soul.

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