Friday, November 21, 2008

Soaking up the scenery

This past summer, my friend Janice and I were painting by the Huron River, when quite the western horseman appeared. He stopped to let his horse drink and splash in the river, and I got busy snapping photos. The sunlight was shining so very hard on everything, the scene pretty much made itself irresistible. The cowboy spent a lot of time chatting. I think I was just as chatty as I patted his horse.

We had a young mother stop by with her two children. The little girl commented on how very shiny and pretty the river looked, now that the little creatures who clean the river are all finished. Yes, the snails did a fine job! Her brother wanted to know why the water was all swirly and crazy - always moving - and where the water was going. The mother, wanting to teach the boy, asked him if he knew what those crazy swirls were (current is what she was going for). The boy answered- "PSYCHOTIC!!!" Janice and I couldn't stop giggling.

It was a fair exchange that sunny day. We had ample quiet-time to paint, and eavesdrop on someone's family time. We also had the cowboy pose his horse for us in the river. There are some painters who don't like passers-by. I don't really mind too much. It's part of the scenery, and we are just visiting long enough to record it on canvas or paper.

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